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Who we serve

Strengthening community for sustainable development in South Sudan.

To achieve the mission Nile Hope is involved in Health and Nutrition activities as a strategy of community empowerment whereby each and every household will be able to produce and maintain their own health.

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What We Do

Save lives

protect and restoring

rebuild resilient household livelihoods

Peace Building

Implementing Food Security Livelihoods and Peace Building and Conflict Mitigation in Akobo Jonglei State, Nassir and Ulang Upper Nile State, Juba Central Equatoria State and Awerial in Lake State.

Our Background

Nile Hope Executive Director gives remarks.

Nile Hope, formally Nile Hope Development Forum (NHDF), was established through the efforts of Mr. Paul Biel Otoang of Akobo County (initially working with an INGO) concerned about the lack of services in the county after the flight of international NGOs due to worsening community security in 2002.....Since then, the organization has grown and diversified its portfolio of programs and now has programs in five states namely: Jonglei, Upper Nile, Unity, Lakes and Central Equatoria.. The organization has operational offices in Jonglei, Upper Nile and Unity States and a satellite office in Nairobi, and engages approximately 400 staff across all programmes and in administration.

In November 2012, then NHDF had an opportunity to review and re-draw its 5-year Strategic Plan (2013-2017),changed her name to Nile Hope and endorsed the following as its core values: Equity and justice, Valuing human life, Compassion-giving hope, Responsiveness to need Enrichment of diversities for peaceful coexistence, Openness and accountability and Proactive integrity.


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