Protection Department

The sector of gender and protection helps the survivors of gender-based violence (GBV) to heal, thrives, and works with communities and institutions to break the cycle of violence. The Women’s protection Team supports the development of holistic, survivor –centered services, conducting assessments and research, creating technical guidance and developing evidence based best practice for prevention of and response to violence against women and girls in the humanitarian.  In this section, Nile Hope roll out different kind of interventions under the protection sectors such the operating of the Safe House (Safe shelter) that accommodates GBV survivors while seeking for safety and protection and providing them with Case management and psychosocial support services.  More so, on general protection, we conducts protection monitoring, provision of emergency shelters to the relocated IDPs, provision of psychosocial activities at the constructed women and girls’ friendly spaces where women and girls take part in the recreational activities. Furthermore, livelihood skills activities such as pastry, micro finance trainings, hairdressing and engagement of youth in skill building activities at the constructed Vocational training Center and the Youth Center.

Mobile and remote GBV service delivery responds to the changing nature of displacement. Displaced person are living in host communities, they have integrated themselves into the communities and the team providing the services moves to places they are living in to provide the services to them.  For the relocated IDPs, they were provided with emergency shelters, considering their preferred choices of where they want their shelters be located.

Group of women and girls during the pastry training

A constructed Tukul being handed over to the relocated IDP in Akobo

Picture taken during 16days of Activism in Akobo